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Want to receive special discount codes, Snipped-dollars, valuable experience to add to your resume,  Snipped swag, and the chance to be #instafamous?

Apply now to join the #SNIPPEDSQUAD !

What you get:
⁃ A unique promo code for your friends/ followers to get 10% off their first order AND on top of that, you’ll get paid a 10% commission in Snipped-dollars to use towards your next order!
⁃ Exclusive Snipped swag (hats , shirts, + more)
⁃ Experience for your resume 
⁃ The chance to be featured on our insta account

What’s required of you:
⁃ You must already have 2,000 insta followers or more
⁃ Must be a college student or incoming college student!
⁃ 1 Instagram post/story announcing you have joined the #SNIPPEDSQUAD
⁃ Include that you are a member of the #SNIPPEDSQUAD in your insta bio and include our handle @snippedandstyled
⁃ Email us 1 picture per month for our feed (a pic of you or your friends rocking snipped)... Each month we will have a contest and the squad member who submits the best picture will receive an extra $25 in Snipped-dollars! 

⁃ Sell $100 of snipped apparel each month
⁃ Slay the outfit game at every tailgate 
⁃ HAVE FUN!!!!