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7 Ways to style your Snipped and Styled look

1. Tailgate Sneakers

Pair your All Slit Up Sweatshirt with a pair of fabulous Skicks

2. Overalls 

Bring out your inner 90s and throw on a pair of overalls with any Snipped and Styled tee

3. Suede Double Wrap Necklace 

Jewelerry's Suede Double Wrap necklace is the finishing touch to your Snipped and Ripped tee, cutoff jean shorts, and Adidas sneakers. 

4. Calvin Klein Racerback Bralette

Calvin Klein Racerback Bralettes go perfectly with the Double Twist Tank and bring a touch of athleisure to complete any outfit. 

5. Leather Hats

Leather hats glam up and add to any outfit like this Tie Back Halter and light wash jean shorts. 

6. Flash Lens Sunglasses 

Flash Lenses add color and spirit to any look and come in many school colors!

7. Ripped Jeans 

The distressed look of comfy ripped jeans add to the already edgier look of Snipped and Styled. 

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